Introducing Startit

Start Smart

Invaluable business intelligence from a team of proficient consultants – with experience at helping over 150 startups begin operations and grow


In-depth evaluation of your business and the provision of a business model that’ll empower you to take full advantage of its opportunities

Competitive Advantage

Get a head-start over competitors, as you have access to the internal enablers needed to take advantage of market opportunities

Product Overview


A robust business plan to build you a solid foundation.


Business capacity development sessions to engender accelerated organisational performance.

Investor relations

Connecting you to the right investors and equipping you with the documents necessary to close an investment transaction


Technology solutions for optimum business & operations management


Develop a compelling and competitive brand proposition

Banking Relationship

A banking relationship that helps improve the productivity of your business.

Training & Development

Improve organisational performance with high value people development programs


We help you secure the required approvals for the commencement of business operations

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What We Do

Startit by Sawubona Advisory Services offers seamless business start-up solutions. Our promise is to deliver your business from idea to start-up as seamlessly as possible.

At Startit, we do all the initial work, research and development involved in starting a business in Nigeria, so entrepreneurs can focus on running their businesses and doing so on a solid foundation, with all legal requirements fulfilled, a clear direction, knowledge of their market, and competitive position. All at an affordable price.

Startit Academy

Understand the art of exploiting business opportunities

Client Remarks

“Sawubona produced a very insightful report for the institution, which guided decision making.”

Tope Odugbesan Head Structured Finance at ASO Savings and Loans Plc

“Sawubona Advisory Services Ltd solely executed the Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Financial Forecasts of our Proposed Diagnostics Centre.

Your team of professionals worked tirelessly around the clock to make sure we were satisfied with your exceptional services; even when your contract period elapsed.

Indeed, your Value Added Services far exceeded our expectations.”

Tokiye integrated Medical Services Ltd
Dr. Teinye lsokariari Managing Director at Tokiye Integrated Medical Services Ltd.

“Sawubona has been responsive and professional in dealing with us. We believe that they offer a strong and distinctive expertise in supporting SMEs from a business strategy point of view.

They also are embedded in the ecosystem of startups and new ventures hence they tend to know what talent can be tapped upon as a complement to their offer.

We will not hesitate to recommend them to any SME type organisation that needs business advisory support.”

Kelechi Nwosu MD/CEO at TBWA Concept

“They were very helpful and cared very much about my organisation.

They had great ideas and helped with the processes of the company.

It was a pleasure working with them.”

Mrs. Funke Bucknor-Obruthe MD/CEO at Zapphaire Events Ltd.

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