2 Mind Shifts Needed for Launching a Global Startup

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“The world has now been flat for more than a decade, and our worldwide market continues bringing people and countries closer and closer. Competition and opportunity increases as technology travels across the globe in milliseconds,” notes Ed Sappin, CEO of Sappin Global Technologies. An understanding of this has huge implications for entrepreneurs thinking to start their businesses with a global outlook.

However, there are two perspectives that must change if you are thinking of starting global.

  1. Re-dimension the Landscape of your Operations

Building a global business changes the landscape of your operations. Perhaps the most important change will be an understanding of your market spectrum.  This ought to come with a proportionate increase in understanding the demographics and psychographics of current market spectrum. The focus is no longer just your local market but also on the international market. Cultural influences in those markets and how your product can be positioned in those markets must be clearly defined.

  1. Understand the changing Landscape of competition

The competition landscape also changes. Building a global business requires that you factor in the competitors in your local environment and those outside but within the same market. The structure of your new markets may change the profile of the competitors from what you will typically have in a single market business. This will affect product & service price points, marketing strategy, sales and distribution network for your business.


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