3 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Build A Global Business

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Digital technology, especially social media technology has helped evolve business models that are swiftly scalable and easier to sustain. With the improvements in the target audience profiling and targeting, social media channels can be potent in deploying a well-focused marketing strategy. We present three important ways businesses can leverage social media to build global businesses.

  1. Have a defined target audience.

In using social media to build your business, you must define who your target audience is. There is a huge temptation to shoot without aiming thinking that a mass approach will produce better results. However, with the large volume of marketing messages out there, an unfocused marketing approach can lead to significant marketing inefficiencies.

  1. Align your platforms with target audience

You also have to align your channel to your defined target audience, as different social media channels are better suited for certain target audiences. The obvious example is Linkedin’s suitability for professionals and Business to Business (B2B) target audience. It will be helpful to keep in mind the target audience demography when selecting a platform. “Finding your target audience on social media means finding where the platforms’ demographics and your audiences’ demographics overlap.”[1] Don’s spread yourself too thin. Focus on where your market is.

  1. Connect with people, not machines

After defining who you are going to reach and the most appropriate platform to reach them, connect with your target audience with engaging social media content. Always endeavour to speak to the heart of a consumer, not a crowd. This will help you build emotional connections that create great customers and advocates.

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[1] http://grasshopper.com/firesidechat/leverage-social-media-to-grow-and-brand-your-business/


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