About Startit

Startit by Sawubona Advisory Services offers seamless business start-up solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to start new businesses. Startit also caters to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand their current businesses.

Sawubona Advisory Services is a research, insights and strategy advisory company, with significant experience working with start-ups to start and scale their businesses. Since inception, it has advised and mentored over 150 start-ups and SMEs in business planning, marketing, financial planning, human resources management, capital raising, technology optimisation, and business operations management. Our Board of Directors and Consultants have a combined experience of over 60 years supporting the growth and development of start-ups and SMEs across Nigeria. 

Startit offers a one-stop solution that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses faster and smarter. By providing the knowledge, insights and logistics support needed to start a business, entrepreneurs are able to start their businesses on a solid foundation, with a clear direction and competitive agility. All of this is provided at an affordable price.

Our vision at Startit is to build globally competitive businesses from Africa. In achieving this vision, our mission is to unlock the value opportunities and stimulate entrepreneurial action that can take advantage of these opportunities.